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Skewered Prawns

500 g (1 lb) large fresh prawns, peeled,
2 large capsicums (green peppers)
8 rashers bacon, cut into sixths
3 115 g (4 oz) cans champignons, drained
1 cup vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt

Cut prawns into quarters. Wash green peppers and cut into 3 cm (1 in) squares. Alternate prawn, bacon, mushrooms and green pepper on 48 small skewers or round toothpicks, the toothpicks about 8 cm (3 in) long. Place kebabs on a well-greased griller. Combine oil, salt and pepper to taste and brush kebabs with sauce. Grill quickly, brushing with oil mixture and turning until cooked (10 to 15 minutes).

NOTE: You can make these earlier on the day of the party, but please be careful when reheating them. Remember, preheat oven to very hot, then lower temperature when you put the seafood in. Seafoods cook in a few minutes, and the prawns will be ruined if cooked too long.
Makes about 48.

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