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Dancer's Delight

1 can sardines or 6 king prawns, shelled
juice of 1 lemon or a little water or vinegar
3 gherkins
parsley, finely chopped finely
chopped celery
Pepper (cayenne if preferred)
6 pastry boats
small quantity mashed potato

Mash sardines with lemon, water or vinegar (if using prawns, squeeze juice over them). Add 2 of the gherkins, chopped (keep one for garnishing), onion, salt, parsley, celery and pepper. Place mixture in pastry boats.

Cover with mashed potato, streaked with a fork or left plain. Garnish with thin rounds of remaining gherkin and place on a tray or pavlova plate. Put in a moderate oven or under the griller for slow heating and browning. Garnish with more parsley.
Serves 6

The dish may be prepared beforehand and popped in the oven just before serving.

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