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Canadian Atlantic Salmon

Basil Butter
fresh basil leaves,
3 garlic cloves peeled,
1/4 tsp.cayenne pepper,
1/4lb unsalted butter,
few drops lemon juice,
salt and white pepper.
Salmon Filets, 4 salmon steaks,
1/4 lb basil butter,
4 tomato slices,
4lemon slices,
4 bay leaves,
salt, pepper and paprika

To make basil butter,mix basil and garlic together in bowl of food processor. Add remaining ingredients and season to taste. Mix again until well combined.  Preheat barbeque at medium. Place each salmon steak on double piece of aluminium foil. Place a spoon of basil butter on each steak and top with slice of tomatoand lemon slice and bay leaf. Season and seal packages.  Place foil packages on grill. Cover and cook 25 to 30 minutes. Note if desired, the same technique can be done in the oven at 325 degrees f (160°C) Servings: 4

notes: Got this out of Paul Martins Supreme Cuisine cook book. Had this many times before it is simply delicious. Having it for supper tonight. Bon Appetite.

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