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Australian Avocado and Prawns

16 large, cooked prawns, peeled
4 small, cupped lettuce leaves
2 ripe avocados
French dressing
paprika thin lemon wedges
thin tomato wedges
parsley sprigs

Put 4 prawns aside for garnish. Chop remaining prawns and put aside. Take 4 individual serving dishes and put a lettuce leaf in each one. Wash avocados and dry. Split in two lengthwise and remove the seeds. Put one avocado half into each lettuce cup. Pour dressing into the centre where the seed has been and grind over a little black pepper and salt. Fill the avocado centres with prawns, pour over more French dressing then top each serving with one of the whole prawns kept aside. Sprinkle with paprika, and decorate dishes with lemon and tomato wedges, and a parsley sprig or two.
Serves 4 as an entree.

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